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Great place, not good staff
The place is amazing, i love it, you get to know a lot of people and to go to all the breaks around, you're close to a lot of them. the food is great and the owner is very nice, but her employees are not very friendly.
pedrobraz, July 10, 2013..

Bad service
Stayed for two nights and wouldn't go back. The staff was rude and arrogant, especially the manager. The room was overpriced and smelled damp. My toilet was blocked and the light in the toilet didn't work, and I talked to 2 other guests whose shower didn't work.
Emil_Sweden_87, April 17, 2013..

Great location, nice hotel, food a bit pricy
Everyone seems to say the best hotel in Uluwatu is The Gong, but Leggie's was so much better! Leggie's is at the top of the stairs leading down to Bingin Beach. It's a great homestay with big clean rooms and a great pool!As with all the Uluwatu beaches, you have to hike down lots of stairs (seriously) to reach the beaches but the beaches are well worth the hike!

We took a room with a double and twin bed and fan for $15USD. We wanted air con however they wanted $25 so we settled for the fan. Plus the air con didn't work that well so why waste the extra money. They also have a nice pool which is key for us since the kids live in the pool. We loved Leggie's for the room price, but not the food price. Leggie's is self-contained so you don't need to leave for any meal. Meals start about $2.50 but they can add up quickly if you are eating all your meals there. The food is good, except don't order the beef burger and expect to get real beef.

Over all the rooms were clean and beds were comfortable to sleep in. Water pressure was not the best and they only have cold water. But after a day at the beach and climbing back up the stairs you will appreciate the cool shower.
5_Around_The_World, April 3, 2013..

Nice place shame about the guests!
We stayed 3 nights here over Nyepi. Our room was lovely with a great bathroom, perhaps a little dark but it's a small thing.We found the food ok, not great and a little overpriced for the type of people who would stay here. Breakfast was particularly expensive. Others have commented on the staff, we didn't find them very rude but they certainly didn't go out their way to be helpful! One lady even asked who we were after being there for 4 days!

Our main complaint was about the other guests. Maybe we are getting old but we didn't find it great that people were allowed to be in the communal areas, particularly the pool until the very early hours (2 or 3) laughing, screaming and shouting. These areas are right outside peoples rooms and not once did anyone tell them to keep it down. Even during the day of silence they were at it.
For this reason alone we would not recommend this place.
sofe1978, March 19, 2013..

Nice place, ugly staff, rats..
Fine location and decent rooms but the staff doesn't care about guests at
Fine location and decent rooms but the staff doesn't care about guests at all. Rats all around passing close to rooms and through the kitchen...

Be scared of the restaurant! I wouldn't suggest it to my worst enemy!
zandertriple, August 27, 2012

Great place, shocking staff
Staff really let down this place. The rooms are clean and well kept. There is wifi on a reasonable connection. The restaurant has a good variety and is of good quality. However the staff are the rudest I have come across in many travels across Indonesia. Stay here by all means but don't waste your breath with the staff. Consider yourself lucky if you get a 'hello' during your stay and no more than a grunt when you place an order. Its a real shame as its a really good place to stay apart from the staff.
matugreenbumface, July 26, 2012

Muy buena calidad precio
Es algo más caro que otros alojamientos de la zona, aunque muy barato para los estándares europeos. En compensación el sitio es muy limpio y bien equipado. El personal muy atento y la comida excelente.
DarkSurfer, July 19, 2013 ..

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